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I was hooked by the Facebook post that explained how Katrina Anderson quit her job and asked her husband to buy a herd of cattle and he said yes. The Kinburn Farms post resonated deeply with me. Several times I have taken a deep dive into a shallow pool of experience to take on something completely new. Compounding my interest was that this was a woman about my age, farming. And succeeding at it. So out the window went my Old MacDonald notion of farmers. I wanted to meet her.

I told my husband “ I have to meet this lady. I want to go to her farm. I’m going to offer to take some pictures. Are you in?” (Yes, he’s in).

Katrina graciously accepted the Facebook private message of me inviting myself to take pictures (or maybe it was the offer to buy products). It didn't matter, I was going.

On Sunday morning rescue dogs Stella and Blue announced our arrival heartily and we introduced ourselves to Katrina Anderson and her husband Chris. In front of the wood burning stove, camera-hogging kittens Nacho and Taco entertained us with snow pant leg tunnel races while Katrina put on a few extra layers and the kettle boiled.

With hot travel mugs of coffee, we visited the new pigs, pony, horse, hen house, hay barn and cattle pen. Katrina explained the origins of the farm, the meat and vegetable shares program and her plans for educational and charity projects. Her love of the farm and animals is obvious and contagious. I could have stayed all day, except for the overwhelming urge to get home to cook and take more pictures.

The meandering drive back through the region where I grew up on hobby farms (more accurately houses with sheds allotted to an auction-acquired assortment of edible pets) reminded me of the Great Escape—the day our 4 pigs escaped into the woods when the abattoir truck pulled into the driveway. My mother and the neighbour, both with thick British accents calling into the woods... “ Oh, DO come back you naughty, naughty pigs, oh do come back’.

Inspired by memories of mom’s roasted naughty pigs with applesauce, potatoes and cabbage, I settled on sage butter braised apples with Kinburn Farms pork chops and black kale for dinner, anticipating taking the photos as much as the dinner.

The pork was simply delicious. The visit to Kinburn Farms was delightful. Katrina is a local mom who chooses overalls over pencil skirts and steel toed boots over stilettos. She not only puts food on the table, she nourishes our community. >>

Sage Butter Braised Apples with Pork Chops and Black Kale

While grilling the pork chops for two people:

Melt 2-3 tbsp of butter in a separate pan over medium heat.

Add 1 clove finely chopped garlic. Sautee until softened.

Add 3-5 fresh chopped sage leaves, and stir for a minute.

Add 1 large thinly sliced gala or other tart apple. ( I leave the peel on)

Stir in 1 tbsp of djion or stone ground mustard.

Add 2 tbsp of water and 1 tbsp of cream, 1 tbsp of white wine (optional)

Simmer the apples on low heat until softened and brown at the edges.

Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Serve over grilled pork chops.

Suggested side dish: steamed black kale.

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