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Brian Metcalfe Landscaping
Brian Metcalfe Landscaping
Brian Metcalfe Landscaping

Home and Interior

Have you ever gone to visit a home with great excitement, only to learn the property in real life is nothing like the photo? Or reluctantly gone to see a listing that turned out to be a absolute gem misrepresented by poor images?


We provide realistic images that will portray the beautiful features of your home while striking the balance between technology and providing accurate representation of the property. No unethical Photoshopping, minimal colour retouching for enhancement only.

Standard Listing Package

1 hour on site, natural light. 

25 final images. 

HDR option available.

Delivered by DropBox within 24 hours.

Travel charges may apply. 

Enhanced Lighting Package

Set up and photography by the hour for realty or architectural.

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